Mothering Humanity Founder, Kristine DeHoux, spent seven years as a US Navy Journalist honing her research and writing skills while serving her country and connecting with people of all different walks of life.  A world traveler, wife, and mother of one, Kristine enjoys connecting with people on a deeper level.  She is a fierce friend and loyal sister.  Kristine’s Catholic faith has been her true north in a life filled with tumult, transitions, triumphs, and tribulations.  Her new mission in life is to help readers of the world connect with their humanity.  This inspiration and drive comes from the desire to create a better world for her daughter.  Living and working in Spain for over a decade gives the California native an interesting vantage point on a variety of topics, which she brings to life in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry form.  Kristine’s writing here at MH is geared towards empowering women and mothers and appealing to the softer side of humanity, because she truly believes that love is the answer to healing the hurt in today’s world.  In addition to reigniting her writing career with this blog, she lovingly tends to her two-year-old and her husband in between managing a photography studio, going to college full-time, and teaching religious education classes for the American military community in her area.

She is a beautiful juxtaposition who stubbornly forges her own unique path for others to follow.